Smoke or Switch?

If you’re a smoker the chances are you’ve thought about quitting more than once. Perhaps you’ve even tried it. Unfortunately the failure rate is extremely high and many people find it very difficult. Rather than try to quit, hundreds of thousands of British smokers have successfully stopped smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes instead. This is a solution that lets you give up the thing you’re addicted to – cigarettes – while keeping the routines and nicotine that make them addictive.

Perhaps you’ve already considered electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking, but been put off by recent publicity about them. Several media reports have warned that they could be as dangerous as cigarettes, and talked about how the British government is planning to regulate them as medicines to ensure that they are safe and effective. You might also know that most of the people who currently use them oppose this idea; the truth is that it will destroy the wide choice of equipment and flavoured liquids currently available, and replace them with a handful of boring products.

If you want to reduce the harm tobacco is doing to your health, trying an electronic cigarette could be the best decision you’ve ever made. They are definitely not more dangerous than smoking; in fact most experts say that the risk is reduced by at least 95%. Some doctors have said that if you smoke for another month then quit entirely you’ll do more harm to yourself than if you stop smoking today but keep using nicotine for the rest of your life. Electronic cigarettes are a much safer way of using nicotine.

Let’s quickly compare cigarettes – the tobacco kind that won’t be affected if the proposed law is brought in – with the electronic cigarettes the government want to ban:

Comparison of e-cigarette and cigarettesIt’s easy to see which is safer, isn’t it? Unfortunately that’s the one the government want to effectively ban. If enough people object, though, we think this law can be stopped and e-cigarettes kept as a healthier option for people who can’t stop smoking.

If you’re interested in reducing the harm that smoking is causing you, speak to someone who uses electronic cigarettes or to your local vendor. Ask for some advice on what to try. Even if you only cut your smoking by half you could save hundreds of pounds a year and add several more years to your life.