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To help make people aware of the threat to e-cigarettes and why it needs to be resisted we will soon be making our logo available as a car sticker. These will be approximately 12×3 inches with the logo printed on vinyl in black and white, just like it appears above. They will be available to anyone who wants one, and a number of vendors have already offered to send one out with each order.

Unfortunately it costs money to have stickers printed, and we’re just ordinary people. Unlike large companies we don’t have a huge PR budget behind us. In fact we don’t have any PR budget behind us; we depend entirely on voluntary contributions. If you or anyone you know uses e-cigs please consider donating something towards the cost of printing and distributing. You can make a gift contribution through PayPal. Even if you can only spare a couple of pounds it will be a big help to us.

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I’m a freelance writer and former soldier, originally from Glasgow but now living in Germany. E-cigarettes let me quit smoking after more than 20 years. I’m not going to sit back and let self-important jobsworths regulate them out of existence just because they’re too difficult to understand.

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