Flyers now available!

If you want to tell people why the proposed medical regulation of electronic cigarettes is a bad idea, why not give them one of our flyers? We’ve put these together to explain the basics and let people know where to find more information. They’re available in both A4 and A5 (two to a sheet of A4) and are perfect for handing out to friends or making available to the customers in your shop.

You can find the flyers here:


We now also have a new leaflet available, designed to educate anyone who doesn’t understand what e-cigarettes are (and more importantly what they aren’t – cigarettes!) It’s ideal for handing out to your friends and family, or you can leave a stack of them in a local restaurant, cafe or pub. We’re trying to get as many of these as possible professionally printed, and if you’d like to help your donations are welcome – you can use the donate button on the right, but please send Wes an email at [email protected] just to let him know you want to pay for leaflets and not stickers. Alternatively we have a reversed (black on white) version that’s more economical to print out at home. If you’ve already printed out flyers, why not do some of these too?